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Last opportunity to order any books for Christmas!  Orders will be in in plenty of time for Christmas and if you want them to be a surprise, just send in a special note with your order and I'll keep them for you to pick up at the office.    
Have a safe and fun Halloween boys and girls.   Remember you will be having your Mind Reader Spelling test tomorrow!
Hats off to our September Student of the Month- Hunter Lavigne.  All your class family is very proud of you Hunter.  Way to go!!

Posted: September 12, 2013

I am looking forward to meeting my student's parents and guardians this evening at our Open House Function.  Don't forget that the students can come along to be entertained by the "Magician" , while you learn all our day and how our classroom functions.  We will be also offering a free barbeque to all those families who come out to meet their teachers and visit the classrooms.  See you all this evening!Meet the Teacher and Open House: Looking forward to seeing you all this evening...
What a wonderful start for my First Rate First Graders!  We have been reviewing the rules and procedures for our classroom and everyone is adjusting well to the new rules and their own responsibilities!  In a few more weeks, our class will be running like clockwork.  Keep up the GREAT work boys and girls!
Dear Parents,   I would like to remind you to please send notification of how your child will be going home tomorrow , Friday, June 21st, our final morning of Grade one.  If you haven't already returned your note listing if your child is getting the bus , going to the after school program or getting picked up tomorrow and by whom, please send a note tomorrow morning with your child.  Our Assembly will be at 9:30am and the students will start to be dismissed at 11:20am.   I must say I will be very sad to see all my wonderful students set off for their summer vacation tomorrow, but I know they are all ready to enjoy some down time with their families and get rejuvenated for another school year when they return to school to start their Grade 2 adventure.  Thank you for filling my bucket this year Grade one and working to your maximum potential in being the best students that you could be! I will miss you all, but you will all be foreverThank you to all my wonderful Grade One Students! in my heart... Hugs, Mrs. Landry:-)
Please be on the look out for an important notice going home on the 27th parents.  We have a special project coming up and information about our end of the year day trip!   More to follow....stay tuned!Class notice

Posted: April 29, 2013

Just a note to parents that the Grade one classes will be visiting the SPCA tomorrow morning.  Please note that the SPCA can be a very be a loud place. You may want to consider sending a pair of soft ear plugs with your child if they have trouble with loud noises. This is just a suggestion and is NOT mandatory. 
Students will be bringing home a permission slip today to go to the SPCA on Tuesday, April 30. At the SPCA we will be presenting our cheque from the money raised during the "Cookies For Critters" bake sale. The students will also get to have a tour of the SPCA and visit with the animals. Students will also get a little session on how to approach animals safely.   NOTE: The SPCA can be a very loud place. You may want to consider getting your child some soft ear plugs if they're bothered by loud noises.
Posted April 17, 2013 a_pocketful_of_rocks.docx Please enjoy reading this wonderful Sheree Fitch Poem entitled: 'Pocketful of Rocks' with your student. We have been working on rhyming words and using various rhyme and scheme.
Book Orders went home today for the month of May.  If you are interested in ordering anything , please have your orders in by April 15th. Thank You!

Posted: March 13, 2013

All Grade 1 students are encouraged to wear the color "green" this Friday to help ring in St. Patty's Day....  Both classes will be kicking up their heels and learning an Irish Jig to help celebrate this colorful holiday!  See you dressed in green on Friday all my favorite, little leprechauns... Mrs. Landry:-)

Posted: March 13, 2013

Please check out Mrs. Furlotte's Teacher page for some tips on the math lessons for this week.  Thank you!

Posted: March 13, 2013

Reminder to all Grade 1- A parents that we have only have a little over a week left to get our "Easter Basket" prepared for the Auction that will take place on Wednesday, March 27th.  Our theme is " Relaxing with a Good Book".   Donations of books have started to trickle in, but please feel free to send in items that have to go with our theme of relaxing as well, slippers, pillow, blanket throw, etc.  All types of books for children and adults will be well received!  We can't wait to build our basket with all of your generous donated items from you and help our "Home and School" with this major fund rasier for our school and students! Thank you so much!

Posted: February 4, 2013

Today was Grade 1- A's 91st day of school. This means that in 9 more school days we will be celebrating our 100th Day of School. We will be 100 days smarter than we were when we started Grade 1 in September! In celebration of this event, we will be asking our friends in Grade 1 to bring in 100 items. These items could be pennies, food items (macaroni, cheerios, etc), paper clips, lego....... Our friends will be counting, grouping and writing about these items, so start thinking of what you might like to bring in boys and girls. Our 100th Day celebration is coming fast!  On Monday, Feb. 4th, Grade 1-A marked 91 days of school on their classroom calendar.  This means that in 9 more school days, we will be celebrating 100 days of being in school since we began Grade 1 in September.   I am so proud of my grade one friends and all that they  have learned over the past 100 days!  In celebration of this, I am asking all my grade one students to bring in 100 items and these can be brought in now so we have them in time for our celebration.  The items could be anything from pennies, to buttons, to paper clips,  to some food items like macaroni, cheeries, raisins, etc.  Whatever you want to bring in, would be wonderful.  We are going to count, group and write about these items, so start searching for an idea now boys and girls.   Our 100th day celebration is fast approaching!