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Posted: May 25, 2020

Posted: May 24, 2020

French activities of the week. (May 25th)

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Suggested daily activities for the week of Monday, May 25th 2020 (Week 8)

-          Reading in French (15 minutes);

-          Speaking or listening in French (10 minutes);

-          Frequent Words / Sound of the week (10 minutes);

-          Writing in French (10 minutes);

-          Mathematics (15 minutes).

Speaking, Writing, and Reading: Follow the instructions in the document “Alimentation”.

Reading: Continue to read daily in French at home, using either books at home or other sources, such as

Continue reading in the same fashion as usual: That is, once your child has finished reading their book, you can start asking your child to retell the story they have just read, in French if possible. The goal here is to have the student retell as much of the story (and details) as possible by simply asking them to tell you what they’ve read. Additional questions (for example: And then what happened? Who are the characters in this story?) should only be asked when necessary. Afterwards, as an optional activity, you may ask comprehension questions, such as the ones provided in the “Kidsa-z” website.

Frequent words: I will be posting a new “frequent words” video to present 3 new words this week. Instructions are the same as before:

“This video will present these words in the same manner that I usually present my frequent words in class: I will present the word (and translate for parents), use it in a sentence, and then say the word by sounds and then by syllable. For this week, take a few minutes per day to practice these words with your child. You can, for example, ask your child to read the word and use it in a sentence, or you can play games with these words (like “hangman”). The goal is for your child to use and familiarize him/herself with these words. (Also, when playing games, feel free to add the other frequent words which we have practiced over the year. They’re the words we wrote in the agenda each week.)”


New sound of the week: New sound of the week, same instructions as before:


“Listen to the video presenting the new sound. From there, in class we usually try to integrate the practice of this sound into our other practices. To do this at home, you can, for example, show your child the list of frequent words and ask your child to find which words have the new sound in them. You can also look for this sound in a book after you have finished reading. The idea is to focus on this sound (how it is written and how it sounds) so your child can become familiar with it.”



-          Review, as needed, all previous counting circles:

  • Count from 0 to 100, forwards and backwards, in jumps of 2, 5 and 10;
  • Count up to 100, in jumps of 10, forwards only, starting on a number between 1 and 9;
  • Count from 1 to 99, forwards only, in jumps of 2.


-          Compare and order numbers up to 100 (in ascending and descending order)

a) Print and cut out the numbers out of the hundred chart (image section of the website), or write down numbers (0 to 100) on a sheet of paper and then cut them out. Then, select around 10 of these numbers and ask your child to place them in ascending order (lowest to highest). Repeat and ask them to place them in descending order (highest to lowest).

b) Write down a list of numbers (or use the numbers from above) between 0 and 100 (around 10 of them) in ascending (or descending) order, placing a mistake(s) on purpose. Ask your child to find and correct the mistake(s) by placing the number(s) in the proper position(s).


-          STEAM activities: - Go to district’s “STEAM” website ( ), and complete the “Rude Goldberg” activity (other activities are optional) in the document for the week of May 25th (You may have to open the English document this time. As of Sunday evening, the French document did not yet contain the K-2 page.)



That is all for this week. As always, if you would like feedback on the work you have done, send me a picture or a video of your work by e-mail and I will be happy to provide feedback. I am also available to offer help or to answer questions. You can contact me by e-mail at, or message me through ClassDojo.


As always, stay safe and have a good week!

Mr Daniel Godin

Posted: May 19, 2020

Posted: May 19, 2020

Words of the Week: même, monte, sommes

Hello everyone, 

I am having difficulties posting the suggested activities in the usual manner this morning, so I will try posting them as a PDF document instead. Please e-mail me if you have any difficulties opening this.

Thank you and have a great week! 

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This book is part of "Guide #2 Les metiers" for the week of May 19th.

This book is part of "Guide #2 Les metiers" for the week of May 19th.

Posted: May 19, 2020

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Posted: May 11, 2020

Words of the Week: avoir, avais, avait.


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