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Congratulations to our friend Kaylan for winning the student of the month for December.
Our grade one friends were happy to see some of their gingerbread friends return home in time for the HOLIDAYS!

Posted: December 19, 2013

The grade one classes decorated their gingerbread cookies yesterday in school and then wrote about the steps they took to make their decorated cookies with some procedural writing!   The cookies looked amazing and very tasty to eat too!!  Well done boys and girls...
As Christmas quickly approaches, our Grade one students have been receiving mail daily from their gingerbread friends who have been off vacationing in many wonderful places.  Some are with family members close by and some have been mailing letters as far away as Japan!   The students are very...
The Grade one classes made gingerbread friends in November and shortly after this, their gingerbread friends went missing.  We have been reading many gingerbread stories about run away gingerbread boys, girls, pirates and babies who have also ran away, so our grade ones concluded that their friends...
Last opportunity to order any books for Christmas!  Orders will be in in plenty of time for Christmas and if you want them to be a surprise, just send in a special note with your order and I'll keep them for you to pick up at the office.    
Keep up the wonderful work Nicholas..  Congratulations on being chosen "Student of the Month" for November...

Posted: November 29, 2013

Vincent reading his self made mini sight word book to Ashley.  He makes a connection to the word "pet" and recognizes that this word is from the "et" family.  Way to go Vincent!

Have a safe and fun Halloween boys and girls.   Remember you will be having your Mind Reader Spelling test tomorrow!

Tristan and Hailey having lots of fun building their sight words.


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