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Home Learning Week of June 8th-12th PDF icon home_learning_week_of_june_8th.pdf June 8, 2020
Home Learning Activities June 1st-5th PDF icon home_learning_june_1st-5th.pdf May 31, 2020
June Calendar and Spelling Words PDF icon june_calendar_and_spelling_words.pdf May 31, 2020
Butterfly Increasing Patterns PR2 PDF icon pr2_butterfly_patterns.pdf May 25, 2020
Home Learning Week of May 25th PDF icon home_learning_may_25_-29.pdf May 25, 2020
Increasing Patterns Ships Ahoy PDF icon pr_2_shipsahoy_patterns.pdf May 19, 2020
Increasing Patterns Ice Cream Cones PDF icon pr_2_icecreamcones_patterns.pdf May 19, 2020
Home Learning May 18th - 22nd PDF icon home_learning_may_18_-22nd.pdf May 19, 2020
Wishes for Baby Cora Roots of Empathy PDF icon roots_of_empathy_wishes_for_cora_letter.pdf May 14, 2020
Math Card Game War Addition & Subtraction PDF icon math_card_game_war.pdf May 11, 2020
Home Learning Activities May 11th-15th PDF icon may_11th_-may_15th_lessons.pdf May 11, 2020
Descriptive Writing Activity: My Backyard PDF icon my_backyard_descriptive_writing.pdf May 4, 2020
Home Learning Activities for May4th-8th PDF icon may_4th_-may_8th_lessons.pdf May 4, 2020
May Calendar and Word Work Words PDF icon may_calendar_and_spelling_words.pdf May 3, 2020
Access to School for School Supplies Pick Up PDF icon covid_19_school_access_parents_docx.pdf April 30, 2020
Parent Access to School For Student's School Supplies Survey PDF icon screening_questionnaire_v4_for_gnb_workplaces_09-04-2020.pdf April 30, 2020
Math Card Game: I Spy with my Little Eye PDF icon math_card_game_i_spy_with_my_little_eye.pdf April 27, 2020
Word Work Games Tic Tac Toe and Word Bingo PDF icon sight_word_tic_tac_toe_and_word_bingo.pdf April 27, 2020
Home Learning Activities for April 27th-May 1st PDF icon lessons_week_april_27th-may_1.pdf April 27, 2020
Fun Math Activities PDF icon nature_ninja_k-2_math_project_april-may_2020_week_1.pdf April 21, 2020
Word Work Bingo Game PDF icon word_work_bingo_march_and_april_words.pdf April 20, 2020
Home Learning Activities for the Week of April 20th PDF icon lessons_week_april_20th-24th.pdf April 20, 2020
If You Need Support PDF icon letter_for_those_who_need_support.pdf April 16, 2020
Extra Math Activities PDF icon 2nd_grade_math_choice_board_2021.pdf April 14, 2020
Home Learning Activities Week April 13-17th PDF icon lessons_week_april_14-17th.docx.pdf April 14, 2020